Mary Pellow, Property Manager

Thank you for the remodeling work that you did in our kitchen and bathroom. You were quick and efficient.
We really appreciate the excellent work that you did on our home, especially when I was debating on patterns and issues with what I wanted you came up with great suggestions. We ended up adjusting the scope based on your suggestions.
Again, thank you for all your hard work, we love it.

Jennifer, Home Owner

As you are aware, property management, as an industry, is almost never without it’s challenges. We have used Jason Ramil, and his team at FNJ Construction as Building Maintenance and Tenant Improvement contractor for several of our office buildings in San Francisco, since 2006. We have no hesitation in recommending them to all Property and Asset Managers. Their dedication to providing the highest quality service, and immediate response to all requests is outstanding.

Aine O’connell, Property Manager

First, I want you to know I am a single women, with no male family members for advice and have worked with contractors to demo/restore/rebuild 2 historic Victorians , landscape 2 yards, build fences, roofers, plumbers, electricians, foundation contractors, etc. Second, I am a hairstylist by profession, not an engineer.

I met JASON RAMIL of FNJ CONSTRUCTION when I was interviewing general contractors to demo, what was then “office space”, for the purpose of building a hair salon. The space is on the 13 floors, in a historic building with very small “bird cage” elevators.

This IS A MIND/BODY crushing amount of work to complete in a 44 day period. I was working full time in another salon and Jason had other clients. 44 DAYS – from ZERO with no material or design …. to FINISHED – the doors opening!! 44 DAYS….

There were numerous hurdles to the demo/build out: Going from office space to a hair salon requires, a lot more electrical load for salon equipment, plus hot water heater, a lot of overhead lighting, washer and dryers that are in constant use, fridge, dishwasher, etc. Not to mention the drainage system needed to carry water out of the space from the interior. Also, most building materials, sheet rock, appliances, shampoo BEDS, etc. are large and difficult to haul up (15 flights – first 2 floors not counted for some reason).

JASOM RAMIL is AMAZING!!! HIRE THIS GUY – remember … we were going from an office area with a few different rooms to gutting and then laying out a design for a hair salon. JASON IS KNOWLEGDEABLE, PATIENT, WAS CREATIVE IN HELPING WITH THE LAYOUT AND all equipment measurements and how each piece would fit – size wise within the INTERIOR DESIGN. Jason and his crew always SHOWED UP ON TIME …PROMISED A 45 DAY DEMO TO BUILD OUT AND CAME IN FINISHED … FINISHED THE ENTIRE PROJECT IN 44 DAYS!!!! … JASON RAMIL WORKED WITHIN MY BUDGET … LOOKED AT EVRY SINGLE PIECE OF ELECTRICAL ….overhead lighting, SALON EQUIPEMENT … HOT WATER HEATER AND APPLIANCE. Jason CALCULATED HOW MUCH POWER THE ELECTRIC PANEL WOULD NEED – plus some extra power – Jason met me at different cabinet shops, tile yards, raw material suppliers, he went well above and beyond what any contractor I have ever worked with has ever done! He also advised me on how to lay out appliances in the event they stopped working and needed to be removed/replaced quickly.

This IS A MIND/BODY crushing amount of work to complete in a 44 day period. I was working full time in another salon and Jason had other clients. 44 DAYS – from ZERO with no material or design …. to FINISHED – the doors opening!! 44 DAYS….

I have completed my 4th year in this salon which JASON RAMIL built. I have not experienced any failure in any of the systems …electrical or plumbing … and everyone who comes in remarks at the salons’ beauty. Stylists have remarked on how the design layout flows while they are toiling away, caring for their clients.

Based on my experience with construction, contractors and physically working in a space which Jason built – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you hire Jason Ramil of FNJ CONSTRUCTION.

Mary Amen
Salon Owner

In 2008 our HOA was looking for a contractor to make major exterior repairs and then to paint the buildings. We were fortunate to find FnJ Construction. FnJ owner Jason Ramil is a hardworking individual who goes out of his way to accommodate our needs. His company has performed a variety of tasks for us, including major siding repair, new decks, gas line repair, painting, roofing repair and he has even removed old plant material. This project has been long and has not been an easy task. He has been required to coordinate the repairs with over 100 owners, our manager and our board of directors. Not always an easy task. However, he has been there faithfully to assist us in making this project move along. You will not find a better contractor. If you are looking for quality work at a fair price give him a try

Genevievd M.
Braewood #2 HOA President