Building Engineering / Building Maintenance

Over the years we have found that our customers value the range of services we offer due to our knowledge and experience with both Engineering / Maintenance in residential and commercial properties.

Services provided include but are not limited to the following:Fire Hose copy

  • Building Engineering / Building Maintenance services, full time, part time, or on call available
  • Mobile services for multiple buildings.
  • 24-hour service and 24-hour emergency response.
  • Cleanup, and Restoration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Building Fire Life Safety Director Certified. Type of services include, building corrections, fire drills, tenant evacuation training , fire equipment check and testing of fire pumps, generators, elevator recall, emergency lighting, fire hoses, extinguishers, fire escapes, and egress equipment.
  • Weekly fire pump certified. Weekly fire pumps testing.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and performance checks for domestic water pumps, motors, fans, boilers, radiators, chillers, and cooling towers.
  • Assist other building contractors with building knowledge and access
  • Energy management for building equipment and systems.

Day to day services such as:

  • Building requests, tenant request and complaints,
  • Rounds for building equipment
  • Plumbing installs and repairs of leaks and clogs to building equipment, kitchen, and restroom fixtures.
  • Electrical installs, and repairs to electrical panels , breakers, fuses, emergency lighting, common lighting, switches, outlets, and wiring
  • Walls, doors, door locks, door closers, windows, flooring, such repairs and much more.
  • Even hanging pictures

We understand the importance in finding a balance between a customer’s needs and budget and are happy to assist you in making the most effective and economical decisions.